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Billing & Payments 


The following information is provided to help shareholders understand billing and payment policies of Rancho Pauma Mutual Water Company (RPMWC).




  • Bills are sent to shareholders (property owners) on a monthly basis

  • Meters are read between the 24th and the 28th of each month

  • In all cases, the original bill is sent to the shareholder or shareholder's agent, and the shareholder is ultimately responsible for the payment of all charges

  • Schedule of Rates is on the back of every invoice for shareholder convenience


Water Rates

RPMWC's water rates consist of two parts:

  • A commodity rate for water 

  • RPMWC Infrastructure Charge

To see rates & charges for a detailed Rate Structure, click here. 




Due Dates, Late Charges, Past Due Bills


All bills are payable upon receipt and are past due if unpaid by the 28th of each month.  Finance charges are assessed on any late payments. 

Water service will be disconnected for shareholders who do not pay the past due balance on their water bill by the Shut-off Date shown on the Shut-off Notice, and shut-off fees will be assessed. The past due balance and shut-off fee of $75 will have to be paid in full before the service will be reinstated. 



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